About Me

I’m Naïma – an artist and UX designer.

I have a passion for creating art — whether that’s on paper, canvas or digitally. I piece together the right experience in order to create the best products for the future.

I have a Master degree in Information & Knowledge Management, with a focus on Interaction Design.



UX and UI design

I’m a UX designer at Deloitte Digital. I have experience in design for 17 years. Based on design thinking, I create digital solutions for small and large companies. I systematically conduct discovery and analysis activities to extract key user research insights. My favorite playing field is designing for AI.


Frontend development

I’ve been coding for 17 years. I do freelance webdesign work. Knowing how to code makes it easy for me to understand engineers and to design user interfaces. I’ve experience as a product owner and working in agile tech teams.


Drawing and painting

Drawing and painting has been a passion of mine for over 25 years. I love how being a UX designer gives me the freedom to keep drawing, sketching and be creative. Drawing and painting portraits are on hold due to lack of time.